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The right People with the right TECHNOLOGY – SPACE – PROCESSES


REBEL Work Space is so much more than a work space and so little about the people behind REBEL Work Space. We are successful when the users and residents of our space are successful, whether success is measured in new products or services, higher efficiency of the company or increased well being and engagement of employees and partners… or all of the above.


REBEL Work Space and our partners are students of organisational efficiency and in particular how space and technology not only support but in fact motivate changes in behaviour, ways of working and culture.
REBEL Work Space provides an amazing environment for reflexion and contemplation. The feeling is homely combined with a great service. The furbishing is fantastic and motivates you to not sit at the same desk all day. REBEL Work Space is conducive to dialogue and brain storm. The catering was super. All in all a fantastic experience.
Charlotte S. Hentzen

Executive Assistant, Alliance+


We wish to break down the silos and create a space and community that caters for entrepreneurs, consultants, corporate representatives – all with a common purpose of driving positive change.


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Rebel Work Space | Dampfærgevej 27-29, 3. & 5. sal. 2100 København Ø


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